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Prospero's Daughter: Love Never Diesnewmoonstar on November 29th, 2012 12:34 am (UTC)
Yikes. I'm not sure whether the bigger fail here is Christine's excessive cleavage, or the Phantom's hair. It's got a bit of a used car salesman vibe to me! It's like: "let your soul take you where you long to be - over there to our great selection of used Toyota Camrys!" :P

(I try to be open minded, but I just hope if this tour ever comes to america, they'll tweak the design a little!)

Pearly: Erik/Christine (Phantom 25)iluvpoto on November 29th, 2012 04:42 am (UTC)
Ahahahahahhahaha...the used car sales men bit got me! indeed. But yeah, his hair is just...I don't know? if the were trying to go suave, they failed miserably! :P